I enjoyed visiting with lots of folks up at the Ozark Empire Fair this year; I hope you didn’t miss the fair. I have to say, I was really impressed with one of the exhibits I saw. I heard Larry Ellison and committee are to be thanked for the neat little breezeway off the north side of the arena. In it was a small petting-zoo type area where livestock and farm machinery were showcased, complete with educational posters. These posters explained the difference between a heifer and a steer, told how much water a cow drinks and displayed a lot of other good-to-know farm facts. Several local FFA chapters and farm families staffed the area. These kind of public relations thrusts are essential to our industry’s success in an ever-urbanizing world. Great job to all who had a part in that exhibit.
FFA and 4-H chapters are great advocates of agriculture to the general public, so if you want to support such causes in the future, a good place to start is by sponsoring these local youth chapters. There’s a lot going on in the ag industry. We’re covering two big stories in this issue:  NAIS and the Cap and Trade bill. We have to stay informed, and active when it comes to these important issues. Supporting a younger generation in agriculture, and educating our urban neighbors are a few ways to do just that.
I can’t believe summer is winding down – I hate to admit that it is, even. Don’t forget to send me your favorite recipes. There’s so much goodness coming out of the garden this year thanks to abundant rain, it’s almost unthankful to not be cooking with the freshest produce possible. Speaking of rain, I was just thinking the other day about how farmers can’t be too down on the times, what with the great rains we’ve had to bless our pastures and crops.
I’m thankful for it all; it’s a great life we’re able to lead here in the Ozarks.
God Bless,


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