Name:  Jacob Pierce
High School:  2009 Graduate of McDonald County High School
Family:  Parents, Dewey and Kitty Pierce; brothers, Jonathan and Christopher; sister, Brittany

How are you involved in agriculture?
"I’ve shown at the McDonald County Fair since I was little, like three or four, I think. Last year and the year before I showed pigs. I’m not going to this year, my sister is. If I went to State, it would interfere with starting to college this fall." Jacob helps out with any farm chores needed at the family dairy, as well as in town, like pouring concrete at the Fair Grounds. His dairy herd consists of red or black Holstein; Jacob’s brother bought a registered Ayrshire bull, bringing red into the herd. Jacob won the 2009 Missouri FFA Proficiency Award for forage production. "I always bale for my dad, but last year I did some custom baling and made some money. Since I was already keeping a record book for the dairy, I thought I might as well keep one for the hay baling."

What are your plans for the future?
"I’m going to NEO in Miami, Okla., for general ag studies. After two years I’m going to University of Arkansas to major in Ag Systems Technology Management. Should be a lot of different jobs that would qualify me for. It has to do more with equipment, GPS and computerized tractors."

Any heroes?
"My Dad, because he taught me just about everything I know. And my Grandpa, George Pierce, and brothers, they taught me about metal. We build pipe fence. In shop class I built a couple of trailers and a bale wagon. Also a grill guard for my truck. I like the welding and torching."

What's next?
"I’ll be showing at the McDonald County Fair. Anyone who lives in the county can go through the premium sale, (buyers at the sale) buy the animal and add money, but you get to keep the animal and the money. You can also win ribbons. This year the Supreme Overall Champion in dairy gets a new show halter." Jacob says he plans to stay on the farm, but not milking. He thinks raising beef cows would be a good option.
By Leta Dunlap


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