There is a lot of proposed legislation and regulation being debated in both Congress and in the USDA’s halls right now. From The National Animal Identification System “listening sessions” (including one well-attended in Jefferson City, Mo.,) to the House's “Cap and Trade” bill and another, similar measure in the Senate, there are heated, and vastly differing opinions on what effects the proposed changes might mean to agriculture. I know for sure there were provisions in the “Cap and Trade” bill that could have meant a “cow tax” targeting livestock’s greenhouse gas emissions, which would drastically affect all of us. Fortunately, there were enough ag-minded Congressmen and women out there to stop that legislation from staying in the bill, thus far. Then there's NAIS'  three sides of the issue – supporters for mandatory ID systems, those for voluntary ID systems and those opposing all national ID programs. There is a lot of debate out there on this issue, and make no mistake – the outcome of this debate will affect you! I encourage you to research these issues, and let your voice be heard. The NAIS website has places you can submit your opinions. Go to to find a link to that site.
You know, I’m proud of the citizens of Iran for standing up right now against a government they can’t live with – and not backing down. I hope you get a chance, too, to take a stand for whatever it is you believe. We could learn something from the Iranian people’s zeal. Educate yourself on the issues that will affect American, Missouri, even Ozarks agriculture. Call your Senators and Representatives. Then call your cousin, sister or aunt in another state, and encourage them to call their Congressional leader as well. We have to have a voice in the changes that are coming to our country and to agriculture, imposed largely by people who don’t understand the day-in, day-out business of the farmers and livestock producers of America. We have to stand up and demand a spot at the table to voice our concerns and give our opinions. Things really are changing in America, and that change will affect us. We all need to all wake up and make sure it’s change we can live with.
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