Owners:  John (left) and James Rickman
Farmers Market of Blivar, MO Inc.

Location:  Bolivar, Mo.

Company History:  “Farmers Market was incorporated in 1973. We bought it in 2004,” James said. “I was a banker and John was plant manager at Hammons Products before this. We had been involved in ag all our lives, running a cow-calf herd together for years, then running a stocker operation. Now, I’m the paperwork boy and he’s running the show,” James smiled.

Products and Services:  “We carry complete lines of bulk and bagged livestock and poultry feeds; we specialize in the poultry feeds. We’re also in the pullet business. We try to offer the highest quality and best products we can,” James said.

What's your best advice for livestock producers?
“I would think they need to understand where they’re at, and where their bottom line is. Understand the cost of your inputs and strategize with a local dealer to find a cost-effective ration,” James said. “The volatility of the commodity markets is unbelievable now, and producers definitely need to know their costs,” John added.

What are your best selling products?
“We have a top-of-the-line beef ration. It’s a custom ration we created since we took ownership, that feeds 400-900 weight calves. We’ve seen good growth on our own calves with this ration," James said.

What sets you apart from other feed stores?
“We make a good, clean feed and if a customer needs something, we get it,” James concluded.

By OFN Staff


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