I’ve been encouraged lately to consider the importance of our inherent right to life, liberty and property. No doubt, we all take these simple entitlements for granted all too often. All political concerns of right to property aside, to me, the saddest infringement on our right to property is when citizen robs citizen.
With poor times come poor ways, some might say. Cattle and equipment theft has skyrocketed in our area, it seems. And what is to be done?
I interviewed Roy Downs for our Town & Country feature on page 20. Roy had his hay mower stolen from right behind his house towards the end of July. I know everyone reading this column can relate. Who hasn’t been the victim of theft or vandalism or worse? And where is the sense in it? What kind of people steal from another and expect that their deeds will never come back around to haunt them?
Times are hard for some right now, and people are saying that theft and hard times increase proportionally. But with poor times doesn’t have to come poor ways, I believe. Neighbor helping neighbor, community groups and churches reaching out to those in need with love, spreading good will, surely such actions can overcome evil?
Let’s reach out to those who have been robbed or hurt by another. Farming has never been an easy occupation, but we’ve got to work together to stop the senseless acts of theft and vandalism that leave us in even harder times.
God Bless,


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