June is National Safety Month, and this year the theme is Make A Difference.
Mike Mulhall, Director of the Occupational Department at the Springfield office, handles varied facets of this program, in Southwest Missouri. He said, "Throughout June, the 2008 National Safety Month program will deal with basic reasons for unintentional deaths and injuries that occur in workplaces and on roads and in homes and communities across America."
Mike Mulhall cites this as an important time to emphasize specific factors in accidents that happen in falls.
He explained, "Although falls are the most common agriculture accident, sometimes they are difficult to deal with in some way."
Mulhall noted that fatigue and stress put farming in second place in occupational safety, just behind mining. He noted several points as to ways to improve farm safety. Keep machinery safeguards in prepared states and use these safeguards to avoid accidents.
Mike noted that in the fourth week, June 23-27, the major focus will be prevention of falls on the farm.
He said, "Falls are the most common cause of accidents in agriculture, and perhaps the most difficult farm safety factor to deal with and control."
Mike added, "The chances of having serious falls are increased by haste, fatigue, emotional upset, illness, alcohol and drugs."
These tips were provided by the National Safety Council. Take time for checking on important protective safety items on your farm.


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