So I got my boyfriend a puppy for Christmas. Coming from a pretty big cat family, I must say having little Frankie around has been quite the adjustment. She is so attentive, she wants so badly to be played with and loved on. She whines and cries when she is put outside for messing the floor.
Frankie is a blue merle Australian Shepherd with a white collar of fluffy fur, a black and gray mask and bright blue eyes. At nine weeks old she could sit, she understood ‘down,’ she brought in her food bowl when she was hungry. But that little girl, here we are at nearly 16 weeks, and she still isn’t house-trained! If she weren’t so darn cute, she’d be in trouble.
She stays out with my boyfriend at his family farm most days. Her favorite playmate is the lovable neighbor dog, an adult Bullmastiff named Simcha.
Since we got Frankie, I’ve realized there is much to be learned from a puppy. Loyalty, trust, happiness… when have you ever met a puppy who didn’t have extreme loyalty to its owners and trust that her owners would protect and feed her? And is there a puppy out there who doesn’t live in general happiness and bliss? Think of how much better our lives would be if we would strive to be loyal to our values, our beliefs, our friends, our family. If we would trust to find the good in others first, if we would find the things worth being happy about on a day-to-day basis?
A new dogma, a new mantra to employ: be more like little Frankie this week. Try to find the virtues of loyalty, trust and happiness in your life. Who knows, it just may do everyone some good.
God Bless,


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