COLUMBIA, Mo. – Extension on the Go is on the move. Now you can listen and subscribe to University of Missouri Extension’s weekly podcast through Mizzou on iTunes U.

The Internet is awash with information, but not all of it is useful or reliable. Extension on the Go, a trusted source, provides dependable answers to real-world questions.

Extension specialists provide credible, research-based advice and information that encourage youth, strengthen families, advance agriculture, manage natural resources and empower consumers all from the MP3 player in your pocket.

Do you need ideas for healthy after-school snacks? Need tips to help houseplants thrive? Do you know how to nurture creativity in your children? Extension on the Go brings you this information and much more.

You can subscribe for free. All you need is an iTunes account. Once an account is open, point your browser to, click on the Extension on the Go logo and then click subscribe.

Extension on the Go is more than just weekly podcasts. The Web page provides useful links, contact information and the opportunity to ask advice on specific problems. Visit to learn more.

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