Name:  Trinity Mitchell
Family:  Parents, Anne and Calton Mitchell and Sister, Courtney
School:  Clinton Intermediate, 4th grade
4-H Club:  Van Buren County Livestock and Saddle Club

How are you involved in agriculture?
“When I was six-years-old I wanted to do something involved with animals, and thought about raising sheep. But mom heard that sheep are harder to work with than goats. My first goat was French Alpine. Then I started as a goat breeder, a Kiko and Boer cross. One reason for having a Kiko and Boer cross is that Kikos are not popular but I want to get them out there and bring more attention to them. Kikos are physically well balanced and very energetic, and I’m choosing heavier animals. So crossed with Boer who are gentle natured, we get a better all-around animal. I’ve won a number of awards, and won 3rd and 4th place for breeding."

Who is your role model?
“A lot of people have helped me. Sherry Hall started me with Kiko goats. Mom is our 4-H leader. Holly Linck helped me in starting to raise Boers. She knows a lot about raising and showing market goats. She keeps me informed about clinics that I can attend. Two of my friends in the livestock club, Erica and Morgan, are good motivators. They’ve helped me learn about showing.”

What are your goals for the future?
“Eventually I would like to raise goats and rent them out as brush eaters. They do natural land clearing and don’t tear up the land like clearing with heavy equipment. One idea of mine, in the future I’ll train goats as pack animals. Wethers can only be shown for about six months, but can be trained for other uses. All of the goats don’t go to market, we save back the best stock for breeding.”

What else can you tell readers about yourself?
“I’m in the saddle club, and plan to get involved in rodeos as a barrel racer. My horses’ name is Ranger, a tri-colored, white, black and brown Paint with Quarter Horse background. In an event called Indoorarama, I won 1st place for my poster and the talk I gave on animal science.”    
By Jeanie Horn


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