What does a retired mail carrier and a busy teenager have in common? Other than being a grandfather and granddaughter and wanting to stay busy, Polled Herefords seem to be the perfect answer. Over the years Lendell Voris and his kin have developed a high quality Hereford herd through dedication and hard work.  
The Voris’s purchased their farm in 1963 and although Lendell grew up on beef cattle farm he started his operation milking cows. As a young family man Lendell quickly realized that the income from farming could be unpredictable and irregular so he took on the duties of a rural mail carrier. After many years of carrying the mail Lendell retired and returned to the freedom of farming. “One of the best things about farming is being your own boss. If you don’t want or need to do it today, it’ll wait ‘til tomorrow,” Lendell said.
Lendell’s son whom is Kelli’s father, Randy Voris also has his own career in agriculture but is involved and active in other ventures.  So most of the cattle dealings are tended to by Lendell and Kelli. Randy’s operations are less than two miles down the road so it is easy for Kelli to run down to her grandparents place after all her chores are done at home.
Lendell believes their successful artificial insemination program and careful selection of genetics has produced a herd of Polled Herefords worthy of many accolades.
Selling breeding stock with good blood lines and not skimping on quality is the foundation of their operation.  Livestock with thick muscles and good disposition as well as good EPD’s is guideline of their future prodigy.
Kelli is an area officer for the Halfway FFA chapter and she has her sights set on being a state officer a few years down the road once she’s in college.
Never a slow day, Kelli and Lendell are preparing for the busiest time of year now – show season. The Voris’s seem to enjoy the show atmosphere probably due to the people they have met, the thrill of raising a champion and excitement of the competition that keeps them in it.
You won’t see the Voris Family lounging and playing on the beaches of the popular vacation spots. No, you’ll find them getting ready for another show. They feel they have already found the best vacation spot on earth and plenty of things to keep them busy right here in the Ozarks. Between his family, grandchildren, cowherd and cattle show schedule, the Lendell Voris family feels blessed with their bounty.


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